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Death of a fic LJ

This is the lastest entry EVER in this journal, 'cause I got fed up with having to log out and in again (why yes, I'm lazy, was this ever in question?) and so I made a fic community instead. All future fics will be posted at sod_productions; this journal won't be deleted, but isn't going to be updated any more.
White Tiger

This is my longest fic ever and I should be ashamed of myself.

Fandom: Eyeshield 21
Characters: Hiruma, Agon, Rui, Unsui, various Naga
Word Count: 6158
Rating: R for language and, uh, violence... and the utter destruction of Kongou Agon's self-esteem.
Beta Reader: lavenderherring
Requester Person to Blame: dragonsquee
Author's Note: This is wholly the fault of the evil person mentioned above, because she asked me to do it and I hadn't the willpower to resist. Also, it's not taking place in the same continuity as ANY of my other fics. Just so you know.

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Another Musketeerfic!

This one's gen *pretends not to hear the disappointed sighs* and is from way back in the Inseparables' history, in fact from before they were inseparable... 1 101 words, rated G. Edit to say: Beta-read by motorbike! So sorry, should've mentioned that immediately!

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